Alumna’s Gift Supports Culture in Detroit Through WDET & Hilberry Theatre

Susan CouchAs a Detroit native, Susan Couch '79 is encouraged by the city's revitalization and is particularly delighted to see that two institutions she has enjoyed for decades are still a vital part of the city: WDET and the Hilberry Theatre. Susan has supported each over the years, and while planning her estate she included both in her will.

"You reach a point where you have to start doing your legacy planning," Susan says, "and I thought, 'What should my legacy be?' I decided to support organizations that I love, and they're all Detroit-based. That's where my heart is."

A longtime listener and supporter, Susan explains what drew her to WDET. "It was where I could get some real news, some real insight, and also I got to love all the diverse music. It was just the right station for me, and it has stayed that way."

Her affinity for the Hilberry Theatre goes back to her French theatre classes while at Wayne State, which required staging for the final exam at the Hilberry. "Each time they let us go into the costume department to pick out costumes, it made me realize, 'Wow, there is really a good theatre here.' I wasn't really aware of how big it was. So we started going to matinees and I just grew a love for the Hilberry. The quality of the student performers... they're phenomenal."

Susan has put no restrictions on her estate gift, nor does she expect it to be used for anything in particular. She simply wants WDET and the Hilberry Theatre to continue being cultural resources for Detroit and Wayne State. "Just keep on doing what they're doing for Detroit and this whole area," Susan says.

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